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CMS Temporarily Halts Automatic Enrollment into Medicare Advantage Plans

November 10, 2016 // News

timeoutThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has temporarily halted new proposals from carriers seeking approval to auto enroll members into the carriers’ Medicare Advantage Plans when the member becomes eligible for Medicare. The process, called Seamless Conversion, requires that an insurer receive approval from CMS in order to auto enroll members, even if a member had already chosen traditional Medicare. CMS has disclosed that there are carriers who are already approved to auto enroll people turning age 65.

Carriers send a letter to the member advising them that they will be automatically enrolled unless they opt out within 60 days. However, this is an issue for many Medicare eligible people, who often disregard opening new mail once they have chosen traditional Medicare and find themselves owing money on medical bills not covered under their new plan. Physicians also have concern over the practice, since even those patients who opt-in are often that their doctor is not a part of their new network.

For a list of carriers approved for Seamless Conversion Enrollment, please CLICK HERE


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