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Sunfire Med Supp & DVH Quoting Available Now

May 28, 2024 // News

Medicare Supplement and Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH) will be available starting April 10th.

The new platform gives you more flexibility to offer additional benefits and improve efficiency and profitability. We’ve built a strong foundation with key features and will continue to add carrier integrations and other enhancements.

Medicare Supplement

54 Carriers will be available for Med Supp Quoting, 5 Carriers will be available for full integrated enrollment.

Features Include:
End-to-end enrollment integrations
Full enrollment form integration with Aetna, Cigna, Anthem, Fallon and IBX will be available to start, with MOO, Humana, and Aflac planned to release before AEP. Thirteen additional carrier enrollments are available via external links, with many more on the way!

Underwriting eligibility alerts
Get alerts when an applicant is unlikely to pass underwriting using our Med Supp needs assessment which captures drug and medical condition data.

Easy transition to MA/MAPD
Quickly move from Med Supp to MA/MAPD quoting and enrollment if underwriting logic suggests that Med Supp may not be the best path. All client data is preserved between products.

Post-enrollment bundling
Our new post-enrollment bundling experience creates significant efficiencies by passing captured drug and demographic data into DVH and PDP applications (displayed post sale).

Watch Demo Video Here

Dental, Vision, Hearing (DVH)

DVH will be available as a standalone product or at the end of a Med Supp enrollment. All applicant information entered on the Med Supp form will be stored and populated on the DVH form.

Initial Carrier Launch With:
• Aetna (April 2024)
• Humana (coming soon)

Features Include:
• DVH available to clients of all age groups & their families
• Benefits from $750 – $10,000
• Ready-to-sell (RTS) information is integrated into the DVH plan list when quoting

Upcoming Webinar: April 26 @ 2PM EST

Join Webinar Here

As always, please reach out to your upline with any questions.

Thanks for being such a valued SunFire user!

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