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Medico is now Wellabe™

July 10, 2023 // News

Medico is now rebranded under Wellabe™ beginning June 26, 2023.  Moving forward, you can expect the following:

Medico Agent Portal

Scroll down to the “Agent resources” section and click “Medico agent portal login.”

You will be taken to the usual agent portal landing page with the Wellabe/Medico logo. Enter your usual login credentials.

You can order rebranded marketing materials and access sales tools and resources.

For Wellabe log-in help, contact Agent Sales Support at 800-547-2401, option 3.



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  1. Joseph Jenkins says:

    Hello, I have medical Welby supplement insurance and I am on Medicare. I need to change my banking account number because I was hacked and you need to get that account number to draw from the right account. How can I do that?

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