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Everest Rolls Out Med Supplement Plans in MS

April 20, 2017 // News

We are happy to announce the State of Mississippi has approved our Medicare supplement plans with very competitive premium rates.

Attached you will find all the associated solicitation forms for this state.

IMPORTANT: Sales CANNOT be solicited in Mississippi prior to Everest’s Official Rollout Date scheduled for May 1, 2017.

For agents who are seeking May 1st effective dates, we are authorizing agents to use the attached materials to write “paper” applications ONLY between now and May 1st.  However, please do NOT submit the applications to the Administrative office until April 27th and make sure to submit via the “Upload Documents” link via Document(s) Upload on the Everest Agent Portal (see page 2 of attached Fax Application Transmittal Cover Sheet).  NOTE:  No effective date prior to May 1st can be requested.

May 1: The E-APP will be available on May 1st, and Everest will be offering a Reward Program for E-APPs submitted from May 1st through July 31st.

Ask your manager for Reward Program details (flyer available shortly).  It pays to use E-APPs.

Everest is in the process of adding this state to their Consumer website (; building the associated E-App and rate quote tool; loading rates into the operating platform.

NOTE:  The Mississippi forms (see below & attached) have already been added to our Print/Supply vendor website and accessible from the “State Forms/Documents (Supplies)” link located on the Everest Agent Portal.

IMPORTANT:  For those existing agencies/agents which are either recruiting or writing business in previously approved states, remember you will need to add a Mississippi agent license to eProducerPortal to write applications or receive commissions/overrides (see attached screen shot tutorial).  In addition, our EPP Team will need to add this new state to your “Recruiter” USER Profile so you can send contract invitations to agents in this new state.  These are two separate processes.


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