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CSG Launches New UW Filter!

June 20, 2019 // News

AMAC Broker Services is happy to offer contracted agents’ access to CSG’s exciting NEW UNDERWRITING FILTER that allows you to select your client’s health conditions and medications for Medicare Supplement quotes.

The filter will display only those carriers who accept those important health conditions and/or medications!

This New Underwriting Filter is offered to all contracted agents and your current login will allow you to begin using the new tool today to help you help your clients!

Click Here to view the New Tutorial.

In the bottom right corner, click Show Advanced: to view Underwriting Filters

In the drop-down menu, search your client’s Health Condition.

An additional drop-down menu will let you choose your client’s  Medication.

You can also choose any Associated Conditions that apply

Then click Get Quote to view the quotes!  The filter will show only those quotes from carriers who will accept your client’s health conditions and/or medications.

For more information, contact AMAC Broker Services today!

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  1. Bill Whiteley says:

    This is so awesome. Can’t wait to use when needed.

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