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Aetna Med Supps Pay Big!

September 6, 2018 // News

Aetna’s 2018 Senior Supplemental Sales Contest offers trips, bonuses, and more!

Calling all A-listers – Experience Hollywood’s playground, Palm Springs…Aetna-style!

Qualification period

January 1 – December 31, 2018


Palm Springs, California


Spring 2019

Qualifying products and requirements

Combination of any of these products:
Medicare Supplement = one for one on production
Final Expense = two for one on production
Complementary* = three for one on production
*Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke; Home Care Plus; Hospital Indemnity/Flex;
Recovery Care; Dental, Vision and Hearing


$ 5,000,000 production = 1 trip
$10,000,000 production = 1 extra trip
$15,000,000 production = 2 extra trips

Recruiting GAs

$ 1,000,000 production = 1 trip
$ 4,000,000 production = 1 extra trip


$ 200,000 production = 1 trip

Underwritten bonus

(for agents only)
Submit $80,000 or more in underwritten Medicare
Supplement business and earn an extra $30,000 production credit towards qualification.

E-App bonus

(for agents only)
Submit 60% or more of qualifying products via E-App and earn an extra $20,000 production credit
towards qualification.

President’s cabinet

These contest qualifiers will earn an extra day’s stay
in Palm Springs:
Top 5 total production: MGAs, RGAs, Agents
Top 1 Final Expense: Agent
Top 3 Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke: Agents
Top 3 complementary* products combined: Agents
*Does not include Final Expense and Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke


Each qualifying winner/trip includes one companion
(at least 21 years of age) to attend the trip at no
additional charge.

Sales contest details

Application date on qualifying production must be between January 1 and December 31, 2018. Qualifying production* is based on all new, issued annualized premium and each qualified policy must be issued on or before January 15, 2019 and be in force on or before February 1, 2019. Qualifying
production is limited to one policy per individual for each product. Internal replacements** or exchanges do not count towards contest qualification. Qualifiers must maintain an 80% persistency on qualifying business. All policies issued in CT and ME are excluded. Medicare Supplement policies issued in MN are excluded.

Aetna has the right to change the program rules during the qualification period and is subject to all state compensation restrictions based on the issue state of the policy. Participation is based on meeting the required production levels and receiving a written invitation to attend the trip.  Qualifiers must be in compliance with all company and state marketing rules and regulations and be in good standing with Aetna Inc. and its legal entities. Aetna will send a 1099 to qualifiers who attend in the amount of the trip’s fair market value. All federal, state, and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the qualifier. The trip is non-transferable.

*Includes all products underwritten by American Continental Insurance Company and Continental Life  Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee; and Medicare Supplement plans underwritten by Aetna
Health Insurance Company and Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company. Not all members of the Aetna family of companies’ policies are available in all states.
** Internal replacement is defined as a replacement of a product from one Aetna underwriting company to another.

For additional information
Contact the Agent Services team at
800-264-4000, option 3, then option 1

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