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Everest Announces addition of “Consideration” Underwriting for Heart/Stroke & Musculoskeletal/Arthritic questions & release of revised Underwriting Manual

November 6, 2017 // News

Everest implemented recent changes to its Medicare supplement underwriting protocol and has released an updated New Business and Underwriting Manual for its Medicare supplement business.

Recent studies of our underwritten business reflect a notable percentage of Everest declinations are associated with the following two questions:

Effective October 16, 2017, Everest made a corporate decision to begin accepting underwritten applications if the heart/stroke or musculoskeletal/arthritic question, #8(c) and #8(d) in the generic application (question #’s may vary by state), are answered “Yes.”  HOWEVER, approval is still subject to revised underwriting criteria.

IMPORTANT:  The new underwriting criteria are detailed on pages 28-30 of the revised New Business & Underwriting Manual and are intended to provide agents the ability to identify what considerations will be reviewed for potential approval – please read them carefully and as always, contact your Underwriters for clarification.

The revised Manual can be accessed on the Agent Portal under the Document(s) Management section (see screen shot below) for download or print (hard copies are NOT available).  If you are having difficulty logging into the Everest Agent Portal, please call the Everest contracting team at 1-844-301-0395, Agents should press Option #4 and then press #1 for assistance with the Agent Portal or E-Application questions.

Click Here to Access Manual

NOTE:  Everest has begun filing of a modified application in all states.  This revised application will better represent the changes noted above and improve your ability to determine if a case will be considered up front or not, before wasting time with a submission that will be declined.  In the interim, the detail provided in the New Business & Underwriting Manual will help agents out.

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