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Earn More with Accident Expense Insurance

May 16, 2018 // News


Grow your business by offering Accident Expense insurance.

9.3 million, the number of hospital emergency room visits due to unintentional falls in the United States in 20151.

Cigna’s Accident Expense Policy can help your clients pay for accident-related medical bills. Find out more HERE.

Accidents are a fact of life. It’s important to plan for the unexpected. That’s why Cigna’s Accident Expense insurance is such an appealing offering – one that your customers will be happy to hear about. With Accident Expense coverage, your customers get payments that can help with costs such as medical bills and other expenses that may accumulate while they’re recovering.



1.CDC, National Estimates of the 10 Leading Causes of Nonfatal Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments, United States – 2015, leading_causes_of_nonfatal_injury_2015-a.pdf.
2. Calendar year maximum per covered person. Benefit amounts may vary by state.
3. Issue age may vary by state.
4. Rider availability varies by state.
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