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State Regulations and the ACA

May 5, 2016 // News

One person pushes a cube marked Regulated vs others with balls with the word Free Market to show the advantage of an open business climate versus one with over regulation

State insurance regulators have their work cut out for themselves. During the next few months, they will most likely be faced with some tough choices as they balance out the insurance industry’s demand for rate increases verses the consumers cry for minimal rate hikes.

The recent pull-out of United Healthcare from the Marketplace as a result of poor performance under the Affordable Care Act is a concern because it means less competition and fewer healthcare choices for

could see double-digit increases in their healthcare premiums. And as more carriers threaten to pull the plug on Obamacare, state regulators are struggling to find a happy medium.

The upcoming election means this issue is ripe for debate. Clinton vows to “defend the Affordable Care Act and build on it to slow  the growth of out-of-pocket costs”, while Trump calls for a repeal of Obamacare by “following free market principles that will broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable, and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans.”



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