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Renaissance Med Supps Now Available in WI

May 25, 2017 // News

Medicare Supplement Plans Now Available in Wisconsin

AMAC Broker Services is pleased to announce that the Renaissance Medicare Supplement plans are available for sale in Wisconsin, effective 05/08/2017. Medicare Supplement policies in Wisconsin are not sold on a combo application or as a combo policy with Dental and Vision. Dental/vision policies will require a separate application.

You may visit the Renaissance Agent Portal to view, download or order forms.

To find out more click here.

Renaissance Compliance Reminder: Medicare Supplement Replacements

Notifying another company that coverage is being replaced is the responsibility of the insured or agent. Unlike life insurance replacements, state regulations do not require Renaissance to notify the replaced company when a new policy is issued. Federal regulations do not allow more than one Medicare Supplement/Medicare Advantage to stay in force at the same time, making it very important that the other coverage is replaced at the same time the new coverage takes effect.

Please note: if coverage overlaps, and a change in effective date is requested, any premium refunded will include a deduction of claims paid during the overlap period.

Please make your customers aware that they need to notify their previous company as soon as the policy is approved to avoid overlap in coverage. Do NOT notify the other company until confirmation of approval is received as we do not want customers to forgo coverage if the application is declined.

Renaissance Cash Kickoff Contest

Renaissance has extended their Cash Kickoff Contest.  Any producer who submits an application for a Renaissance Medicare Supplement policy issued between

December 12, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Will receive an additional $100 per policy.*

*Dental/Vision application that are independent of a Medicare Supplement policy may earn a cash bonus of $25.00 per policy that is issued between December 12, 2016 – June 30, 2017. The maximum bonus payment on any combo sale during the contest period is $100.


Renaissance Products

Renaissance currently offers products in 29 approved states. Click here to verify product availability and rates in your state, and don’t forget to select Non-Smoker rates and add the Household Discount – where applicable – for even cheaper rates!

Renaissance Guarantee issue Dental and Vision Plans – In most states where the products are available, Renaissance provides a combo Med Supp Dental/Vision plan application. Log into your agent portal to see the product and individual or combo plan availability in your state. Earn commissions on both the Med Supp and the Dental/Vision plans.

Click Here for more information on Renaissance products.

Renaissance has an A rating from AM Best.

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