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New Medicare Supplement Carriers – Coming Soon

May 18, 2017 // News

AMAC Broker Services is happy to announce we will soon be contracting agents to sell Medicare Supplements with Medico & Assured Life.

We are dedicated to bringing you the “A” rated carriers you need to be successful in your area.

Everest Expands Medicare Supplement Plans

Everest will be contracting in Colorado, Kansas, and Tennessee beginning July 1, 2017. Please contact AMAC Broker Services for more information, or to get assistance with E-App Training.

Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska


Everest will be enhancing it E-APP training “Sandbox” effective June 1, 2017, which will allow all agents to self-train on the Everest E-APP in a non-production environment.  This allows all agents to understand the E-APP process before sitting in front of a live client and hopefully improve your user experience.  Field trainers can also use this sandbox to train agents via webinars.  Contact AMAC Broker Services for more information.

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  1. Ron Lewis says:

    Any plans for Everest or Medico to be offered in California?

  2. Bill Terpenny says:

    Carriers will generally inform us 2-3 months before the launch date. That information is then shared with all AMAC Broker Services agents.

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