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Monday Trainings with Physicians Mutual

June 11, 2024 // News
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Systems Certifications:

Monday at 10 A.M. Central Time 

Dive into System Certification training, where we will teach you how to access our marketing and point of sale materials (S3), Remote Electronic Applications, commission statements, how to gain access to leads and Agent Assistant App! Check the status of your submitted business, upload missing requirements, send thank you emails, check claims status and submit claims on behalf of your customers, and more! Join us for training and learn how this new technology will change the way you do business. Elevate your proficiency and learn how to easily navigate Physicians Mutual systems.

How to Double Your Income with Cross Sales:

Monday 3 P.M. Central Time

Are you looking to double or triple your income while also giving your clients more comprehensive coverage? Come learn how to offer the full retirement package with ‘The Bundle!’ Join us as we take a deep dive into the psychology of sales.

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