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August 28, 2018 // News

Everest announces rates hold steady, with a 0% increase on plans G & N in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia.

Rate Adjustments for Plan A, Plan C, Plan D, & Plan F are effective beginning October 1, 2018 in those states.

Everest obtained state approval for rate adjustments as noted below in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Texas and Virginia. These are Everest’s 1st rate adjustments in these states since our product was originally filed and released (prior area factor reductions were previously applied in Arizona and Iowa). As of October 1, 2018, rate adjustments will be 0% on Plans G and N and various increases on the other plans as noted below.


With this rate adjustment approval, Everest is updating its State Forms/Documents (Supplies) web
portal folder for the applicable states – these updates should be completed in the next 72 hours. As
always, contact your Field Marketing Organization (FMO) for paper supplies or access the website to
download/print forms on your own.

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