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Humana’s Medicare-Self Enrollment Application

July 5, 2018 // News

Humana is excited to announce their new Agent Online Application for Medicare self-enrollment that allows you to give your tech-savvy clients a unique URL so they can self-enroll!

Agent Online Application for Medicare self-enrollment is here.
After you meet with a prospect and complete a sales presentation, prospects can choose to enroll  themselves — agents can still get the sales credit, as long as the prospect is enrolling in a plan you presented through the URL you provide.

Humana’s Agent Online Application tool with Medicare self-enrollment provides
agents with a custom URL that allows prospects to self-enroll in the Medicare Plan
presented by the agent during the sales appointment.

It’s Easy!

Here’s How to Get Started

Agent training is required prior to using the Agent Online Application tool.
Access the easy-to-use 15-minute training module at your convenience,
found on MarketPoint University under “Courses Assigned to Me.”


Introducing the launch of Enrollment Hub—The new tool that offers a quicker enrollment process.

As part of Humana 2.GO, Enrollment Hub will help agents serve their clients’ needs at a
higher level than ever before.

Enrollment Hub has many benefits, including:

Reminder! Enrollment Hub will completely replace iMAPA later in the year—so
we encourage you to start using it now so you can be prepared for this transition.

Here’s How to Get Started
Agent training is recommended prior to using Enrollment Hub.
Access the easy-to-use training found on MarketPoint University.

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