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Got Gym Membership?

October 11, 2018 // News

Is a free fitness membership important to your Medicare clients?

Some of our competitors are changing their fitness benefit; which means some local gyms may no longer be in their networks. The FREE fitness benefit on 2019 Aetna and Aetna Coventry MA/MAPD plans, through SilverSneakers℠,  includes 15,000+ gyms nationwide, including YMCA locations. Members can take advantage of:

You can find participating fitness locations online at


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Prior to engaging in the sale of Aetna or Coventry Medicare products, producers must be ready to sell, which means certified, contracted, licensed in the applicable states, and appointed by Aetna in accordance with state law. As permitted in certain states, Aetna will order appointments after the first sale. This communication is intended for use by brokers only and is not intended for distribution to Medicare beneficiaries. Any publication or distribution of this communication to unauthorized recipients without Aetna’s approval is prohibited.

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