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February 22, 2018 // News

United American FREE Senior Lead Program

From March 5 – March 30, United American Agents will be able to enroll in this new lead program! Just by enrolling, you will receive 100 free Turning 65 and Senior lead prospects from USADATA, monthly for each of the next three months!

When you write and have issued at least two pieces of commissionable business within those three months (90 days), your lead list subscription will renew. As long as you continue to write business, the leads will continue to flow!

If you are not currently appointed with United American call us now to take advantage of the great lead opportunity!

 USADATA Guarantees:

Your lead lists will consist of 100 prospects turning age 65 whenever possible. However, due to USADATA’s guarantee of exclusivity, if demand is high in your area and there are not enough unique Turning 65 leads available, USADATA will fill the balance of your list with ‘Senior leads,’ individuals from 65-69 years of age. In either case, you’ll have a list of prospects for whom UA could be a perfect fit!

You must enroll in this program in order to receive these leads- watch for a special memo coming on March 5 with a link to sign up with USADATA! To ensure that none of our Agents miss out on this terrific offer, USADATA will assist us in promoting our open sign up March 5 – March 30. Please note: you only need to enroll once!

Agents who miss the open sign up window can get in on the program when they issue at least two commissionable pieces of business within a 90-day period.

Agents already receiving the monthly Turning-65 leads will be transitioned into the new system automatically.

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