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CMS Grants SEP in Ohio

April 4, 2018 // News

Special Enrollment Period in Ohio

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Premier Hospital System in Dayton, Ohio is closing its MAPD plan effective April 1. CMS has granted these members a Special Enrollment Period effective now through May 31, 2018. During the SEP, affected members can enroll in any new Medicare Advantage plan available in their area. If they don’t join another Medicare plan, they’ll have Original Medicare and prescription drug coverage starting April 1, 2018.

Aetna MAPD plans in Ohio can offer your clients financial protection, including:

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Important enrollment instructions

When helping these clients enroll in an Aetna Medicare plan, be sure to complete the “Confirm your enrollment period” page and check the box for “My plan is ending its contract with Medicare, or Medicare is ending its contract with my plan.”

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Prior to engaging in the sale of Aetna or Coventry Medicare products, producers must be ready to sell, which means certified, contracted, licensed in the applicable states, and appointed by Aetna in accordance with state law. As permitted in certain states, Aetna will order appointments after the first sale. This communication is intended for use by brokers only and is not intended for distribution to Medicare beneficiaries. Any publication or distribution of this communication to unauthorized recipients without Aetna’s approval is prohibited.

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