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Clinton Healthcare Plan More Benefits, More Costs

May 25, 2016 // News

hilary-clintonAvalere Health, a DC based healthcare consulting firm, says that Hillary Clinton’s medical plan would offer more benefits than current marketplace policies but would also cost more. The analysis suggested that 13 million people over age 50 could be covered by the plan, although many of them are currently covered through the exchange or through private insurance. Clinton, a defender of the Affordable Care Act, says she is in favor of allowing people as young as 50 to pay into Medicare, a move analysists are saying is a huge step closer to Bernie’s “Medicare for All” single-payer healthcare plan.  Since Medicare doesn’t have the $6,850 exchange cap on out-of- pocket expenses, people could incur significantly higher out-of-pocket costs under Clinton’s plan.

Trump vs. Clinton  

Trump, on the other hand favors a universal healthcare plan funded, in part, by savings from other programs. His plan, “Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again,” would turn Medicaid into a program of “block grants,” and repeal the ACA in its entirety. Trumps plan includes provisions for healthcare competition across state lines, negotiation of drug costs, and a removal of the individual healthcare mandate. Trump believes that enforcement of current immigration laws would reduce healthcare to illegal immigrants, for a savings of $11 billion annually.


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