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An Interview with an Agent: The AMAC Brokers Free Leads Program is the Best!

December 14, 2016 // News

We asked South Carolina ABS agent, and AMAC member, Mike Datlof about his experience since contracting with AMAC Broker Services.

What made you choose to work with AMAC Broker Service?

“I spent 5 1/2 years selling AARP-endorsed products from 2007-2013, and was tired of having to apologize for their politics.” Mike said. “I called AMAC right after I joined, to ask about what insurances were offered.” Mike wrote his first policy with ABS in September of 2016.

How do the ABS FREE QUALIFIED LEADS compare to the leads you receive from your current FMOs?

“The Medicare Supplements leads so far have been the best I’ve ever dealt with,” Mike told ABS. To date, he has written more than 40 policies from ABS leads since September!

Would you recommend AMAC Broker Services to other agents looking to grow their book of business?

“I would recommend this program to anyone that has AMAC-oriented values,” Mike said, “For me, AMAC is a great fit.”

The products and services are a great fit for ANY agent looking to GROW BUSINESS!

AMAC Members need YOU! Many seniors have questions about their options, and they need the advice of a trusted advisor.  While leads are not guaranteed, AMAC is growing and more and more seniors call in asking for referrals to an agent in their area! 

The Free QUALIFIED Leads Program from AMAC Broker Services

AMAC Broker Services is the only FMO aligned with AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens – the nation’s second largest senior organization.  AMAC seniors need the help of agents like you!

Many AMAC member insurance agents have a hard time selling competitor UnitedHealth products because their clients opposed the politics of senior organization, AARP. For others, the leads they received from their FMO relationships or from paid lead services were costly and did not lead to sales.


AMAC Broker Services is proud to offer our contracted agents qualified leads from seniors looking for information on Medicare products. We are the only FMO aligned with the Association for Mature American Citizens, the nation’s second largest senior organization, and their members need YOUR help!

Follow these 4 steps to begin receiving your FREE LEADS:

  1. GET CONTRACTED Click Here to find out more about becoming contracted with AMAC Broker Services.
  2. CLICK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to adhere to the ABS Lead Referral Program Code of Conduct Policy
  3. SUBMIT your first application with ABS
  4. RECEIVE LEADS You will receive leads after your first ABS submission

Our leads are qualified, meaning the senior you call is requesting information or ready to buy coverage.  We thank you for responding to the leads within 48 hours.

ABS Lead Program Code of Conduct Policy

As a contracted ABS agent, I understand that I will be enrolled in the ABS LEAD PROGRAM upon receipt of my first application. By participating in this program I agree to the following:

Important Notice to Agent:

If at any time, you wish to be removed from the ABS LEAD PROGRAM, please contact AMAC Broker Services at If you are unable to contact the lead within 48 hours, please return the lead back to AMAC Broker Services.

Important Disclaimer:

Leads are not guaranteed and the number of leads available may vary.

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  1. Brenda Lowe says:

    I am interested in how many agents you have in Oregon and Washington

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