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AMAC Broker Benefits for AEP

September 21, 2017 // News

AMAC offers FREE access to the CSG Actuarial suite of tools for contracted agents. Quote Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans, or research industry documents, and analyze market activity.

Your FREE Access Includes: 

Once contracted with us, you will receive your own unique log-in and password to the CSG Actuarial quoting site. Call today to find out more!

More Discounts from AMAC Broker Services

Once you become contracted with AMAC Broker Services, you will be given a unique password and log-in so that you can enjoy the benefits.

For WebCE: You must be contracted with AMAC Broker Services to access discounts for continuing education.
For E&O Coverage: If you are in the contracted process, but not yet contracted, and need E&O coverage, please follow this link.  You will be able to Apply for Coverage and create a New Customer Registration. You will need your original Date of Licensure, State License Number, Agent Writing Number (if applicable), and Payment Information (credit card or EFT).

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