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50 Free Leads from ABS

March 2, 2017 // News

AMAC Broker Services is the only FMO aligned with the Association for Mature American Citizens, the nation’s 2nd largest senior organization, and their members need YOUR help in navigating the world of Medicare!

How do I become eligible to receive free leads?

Simply submit your 1st application with AMAC Broker Services. Upon receipt of your application, you will automatically be enrolled.

When will I receive my first lead(s)?

You will receive your first lead(s) within 1 week after receipt of your application. Leads will be sent to your email.

How many leads will I get in one year?

You will receive 50 free leads over the course of the year. Leads will only be sent if you agree to participate in the lead program and agree to follow the ABS Lead Program Code of Conduct Policy.

Where do leads come from?

Leads come from members of AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, and those seniors looking for guidance about their Medicare choices. Most are ready to buy now!

How do I opt-out of the program?

Simply email or call us at 1-888-776-6565 as request to be removed from the program.

Important information concerning leads: If you are unable to contact the lead within 48 hours, please return the lead to AMAC Broker Services via email or by calling us at 1-888-776-6565.

Notice: You must carry $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions coverage to become an AMAC Broker Services contracted agent. A certificate of insurance must be presented during the contracted process.

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  1. John F (Jack) Davidson says:

    I want to associate with an organization that offers the most competitive Medicare Supplement products. It would be an added benefit to receive free leads from qualified and interested prospects.

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