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3 Crucial Pre-AEP Tips!

October 1, 2020 // News

Let’s face it; while most insurance professionals love what we do, we also do it so that we can provide for ourselves and our families. We work hard now to build a solid book of clients and earn a steady source of fresh referrals to secure our futures in the industry. Here are 3 pre-AEP tips to remember!

First, if they don’t know you sell it, they won’t buy it!

Think back to the last several Medicare Supplement sales (or any sale for that matter). Were you able to save your client money? If so, did you offer them a way to turn that savings into a useful tool for their future? For instance, if your client now has an extra $75 dollars in the bank each month, they may be able to put that money toward the cost of a Final Expense policy. Even if there was no cost savings, there was a reason your client purchased from you and not a competitor. Remember, your client’s needs change over time, so it is important to remind them of what you have to offer before every AEP.

Second, if you helped them, chances are they know someone who also needs your help!

Statistically, more than 57% of people found their financial advisor through referrals, and this percentage is nearly the same for senior sales. However, salespeople often feel uncomfortable in requesting referrals. If you have just helped someone, it is ok to simply ask, “Can you think of anyone you know who might need my help too?”  Let them know that this could be a friend, co-worker, or family member.

Third, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Whether you are new to the world of senior products, or have a solid book of clients, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The more sales you make today, the better chances you have of reaching your potential. Med Supp sales are a great product to jump-start your journey into the world of senior market sales.

If you are contracted with AMAC Broker Services, but have not taken advantage of our carriers and free benefits, please contact us today!  

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  1. Edward A Dodge says:

    I noticed an article about Home Title Lock coverage. Is there an opportunity to market this coverage for your Brokers?
    Edward Dodge,AMAC Broker

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